A list of links that may be of interest to visitors to a watchmaking oriented bookstore.


A site dedicated to all things Gruen. Tons of free reference material, galleries of Gruen, serial number tables, tools to help date and identify your Gruen watch and MORE.


Books here at WatchmakingBooks.com are also available for purchase on Lulu.com.  International customers may find purchasing through Lulu is cheaper due to shipping prices being lower if the books can be printed near the customer. The books found here are in two Lulu "Spotlights" that are here and here.


Mike The Watch Guy's eBay store where you'll find parts, tools, books and ebooks. This eBay store also carries many of the same titles you'll find here.

Currently has the best active online home study course.  This site has a home study course with a downloadable PDF lesson plan. It also has a forum where others that are taking or have already taken the course so you can discuss problems you may be facing. One of the best written lessons of all time.