FREE Lesson 1 from The OS 9-66 Ordnance Timepieces School Text

Interested in watch repair but not sure where to turn to get started in a structured way??  Then how about a portion of a textbook on us?  Download a free copy of the first portion from the Ordnance Timepieces Textbook.

Because the sample is a large PDF and so that you can see how easy it is to download the electronic books from our site, the same mechanism to buy and download a full book are used to give you this free lesson.  

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This section is all of Chapter 1 of the book and a portion of Chapter 2.

In Chapter 1 you will learn about several specific watches that the US government made. It will then lead you through the operation of each part of a watch's movement from the power assembly, the wheel train all the way through the dial train.  Even the keyless works or winding operation are covered.

In Chapter 2 you will find the first 2 sections and part of section 3.

Chapter 2 section 1 the "Tools and Supplies" section, you'll get a list of the tools this particular course suggests are the most important ones to own. They call the list the "Junior Watch-repairman's kit". It is the list of tools that is requested over and over in the online repair forums. 

Section 2 you'll get your first taste of what I think is the best part of this book, the checklists. Checklists are a great way of building consistency in how you work. They are also fantastic when you are troubleshooting!  

Section 3 is the "Malfunctions" section. I've included ONE page of the SIX that list problems, potential causes and a brief remedy. It's one of the best checklists of this type that I've seen.

With this portion of the textbook, you will get a very good idea of the structure of this book.  There are some awesome diagrams included that you'll use often, even after you've completed the course. And checklists that are invaluable.

When you're ready for the next step, you can purchase the remainder of the 140 page course in the bookstore.  Read more about this book in the bookstore.

Enjoy the free lesson!