Opened in 2011, vintage watches and their repair is the primary focus of the site.

We're trying to provide both physical and electronic copies of vintage watch repair reference books.  And, to fill the void of instructional aids to those learning watch repair at home.  

The site's operator has been helping people with watchmaking since the first day of working on watches.  After finding mentors that were willing to donate their time and skills to train a young student (or one new to the trade as it were), it's only fair to be able to give something back to the horological community.  This site makes that possible.

There are many people following the learning at home path and there was an opportunity to help in instruction by publishing materials to help students whether it be in learning skills or finding parts.

There is a demand for old, long out of print or availability, books on vintage watches and their repair to be brought back into physical print again.  These and other books can also be made available  in eBook form.

Having digital access to the books means there's now a way to search books.  This opens up a whole new set of capabilities to the watchmaker than wasn't available previously.  For example, an entire crystal catalog can be searched, in its entirety, for words (brands, models, etc).  Perhaps the crystal you seek isn't in the index, but instead buried in the main text.  Previously it would have been difficult or impossible to search like this.

Opened officially in Aug 2011, the store is now fully functional with new books and digital books being added on a regular basis.

Suggestions and requests are always welcomed.